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Researcher found privacy flaw with iOS 13 that allowed users to gain access to contacts

We are just days away from Apple iOS 13 which is scheduled to launch on September 19. However, researchers have found the first traces of privacy flaw as reported by Jose Rodriguez who discovered a similar issue with last year’s iOS 12.1 as well.

As the report is followed, the bug was found in the Gold Master (GM) of iOS 13 where the bug would allow users to bypass the lock screen to gain access to contacts saved on iPhones running iOS 13. As shown in a video, it is very simple to bypass the lock screen in order to trigger this bug allowing anyone to gain access to contacts which includes details like names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even physical addresses and everything else saved along with the contacts.

Although the bug allowed access to the contacts, it doesn’t provide any access to photos, videos, or even messages and other data which is a relief. In fact, the privacy flaw requires attackers or any users to have physical access to the device running on iOS 13 to gain access to their contacts and thus, reduces the risk considerably but there is a chance that it could be used abruptly.

As the bug was discovered and a video showed how to access it using VoiceOver command of Siri, Apple has already included this bug in its upcoming iOS 13.1 which is scheduled to roll out on September 30. For those who have developer beta for iOS 13 might have to take care of their devices while those running iOS 12.x are nowhere in the risk since a similar issue with iOS 12.1 was also fixed when it was discovered. Apple has also rolled out iOS 13.1 for developers so in case you don’t want anyone to use the bug against you if you are running iOS 13 (beta), look for the update or just wait till September 30 to get the fix.

Apple will also release a few other OSes including watchOS 6, a custom-made iOS for HomePod, macOS Catalina, tvOS 13 and iPadOS 13 for their respective Apple devices in coming days along with Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and bunch of other services that Apple will roll out this fall.