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No USB-C, No 5G, No Notch: Things iPhone 11 wouldn’t support

Now that we have the iPhone 11 series to check out, the entire list of specifications, features, and more is officially out. We took the liberty to understand more about the affordable iPhone 11 and the most asked questions regarding any iPhone release is which features didn’t make it and why. The reasons are quite obvious behind why Apple didn’t include a bilateral charging with iPhone 11 or integrate 5G chipset and so on. Here’s a recap of a few things that iPhone 11 is lacking based on the rumors that were floated before the release.

Apple hasn’t been a fan of USB ports simply because these are patented and OEMs are required to pay royalties on each unit they ship with USB ports and USB-C is no different. On the other hand, USB-C is currently a global standard across devices and it even made it to the MacBook Pro and iPad earlier this year which means Apple could have integrated them with iPhone 11 as well as but it didn’t. Apple iPhone 11 lacks USB-C port although it has Apple’s proprietary lightning port. On the flip side, its elder sibling iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max came with an 18W fast charger in the box with lightning to USB-C connector which is for the first time so cheerios for that.

No Smoother Screen
iPhones have opted for 60Hz for years since this refresh rate for screens is optimum thanks to the powerful A-series chipset under the hood that allows the phone to produce the best of transitions and animations at any time. However, the high-end iPhone 11 models got 90Hz OLED display while the affordable iPhone 11 has a 60Hz display. Although 60Hz is not bad at all, a higher refresh rate means smoother transitions and animations.

No Notch Design

No USB-C, No 5G, No Notch: Things iPhone 11 wouldn't support
Apple hasn’t quite made a no-notch iPhone yet. The reasons could be due to front selfie and Face ID sensors that take a lot of space and thus, a notch is still irreplaceable although one could assume that iPhone 11 series could be a placeholder for something new.

No 5G Support
Yep, iPhone 11 series doesn’t support 5G but it is because 5G is still in its early stage and Apple usually takes things slowly and let the technology mature a bit before integrating it in iPhones.

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