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Amazon Music HD now offers high-resolution audio at $12.99/mo

Amazon Music HD now offers high-resolution audio at $12.99/mo

Have you subscribed to Amazon Music yet? Well, a major subset of the service comes from Amazon Prime which is a bundled subscription service which includes Amazon Prime (delivery), Amazon Prime Video, and Music and has over 30 million users combining standalone Amazon Music subscribers as well. Amazon is announcing something new. It will shortly release a new tier of its music streaming that will be summoned as Amazon Music HD.

Currently, music streaming services use lightweight file formats to stream music over the internet which could have different quality but as per what Amazon Music HD is eyeing for, the service will allow users to listen to lossless audio files on their devices where Tidal is one of the biggest competitors to Amazon.

There is a slick difference between Amazon Music HD when compared to Apple Music & Spotify where the last two get the most momentum thanks to the ongoing lawsuits and more, they both don’t offer high-quality music via lossless compressions although Spotify did experiment reaching near it but could perform it.

On the other hand, the Amazon Music HD will allow users to listen to 50 million HD songs which are audio files with 44.1kHz sample rate and CD-quality bit depth of 16 bits. Further, it will also offer an Ultra HD tier with a sample rate ranging from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and a bit rate of 24-bits that will allow users to listen to flawless quality-prowess music all day long.

Amazon is planning to deliver these audio files for HD users in a lossless FLAC file format which takes up more bandwidth and will offer subscription tier starting at $14.99/mo for standalone and $12.99 for its Amazon Prime subscribers. A similar HD service Tidal currently offers the same in MQA format comes at a subscription tier of $19.99/mo.

Since Amazon has a lot of users worldwide and it plans to market the HD music service to all rather than sticking to a specific target audience like Tidal and HDtracks, etc, it could consume their market share in terms of subscribers if not Spotify or Apple Music’s since these two are still the largest players when it comes to total users and MAUs among other verticals.

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