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Snap Inc made a dossier of Facebook’s business tactics called Project Voldemort

It seems like the Silicon Valley gorilla might be thwarted soon as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is looking after its rash growth over its competitors where it either rips off the competitor making them defunct or buys them outright. I am talking about Facebook which has grown exponentially from a college social network to a giant platform that has several services under the hood offering social media, photo-sharing, and instant messaging services to more than one in every four people on Earth.

FTC took Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc into consideration as well which is one of the fierce competitors to the Facebook family of apps. Snap Inc has been keeping a dossier of all the times Facebook used tricks and tactics to thwart the competition. Interestingly enough, Snap named the dossier as Project Voldemort which tracked Facebook’s tactics for a couple of years in the past.

Recently, Facebook has prevented its influencers and popular account holders from mentioning or even referencing Snap on its platforms. It is also alleged to have diverted Snapchat-related content from trending on its apps as well.

FTC is looking after all these testimonies and has reached out a lot of app developers and tech executives as well as startups across the Silicon Valley who might have either gone defunct or have lost business due to Facebook in some or other ways.

FTC could tie it as a possible pattern of behavior of any company preventing its competitors to fully grow. There are many instances when the Facebook family of apps have actually copied similar features rolled out on Snapchat such as ephemerally limited Stories as well as filters among others.

People who are concerned with the matter inside Facebook appear to find a way out since there’s a possibility that rivals could supply damaging information about the Silicon Valley giant and is reaching out to other companies to build relationships as a resort to keep things from rolling out of hands.

Facebook is constantly in the headlines due to one thing or another. During the presidential elections a few years when Donald Trump won the elections, Facebook was reportedly involved in the scam along with Cambridge Analytica to produce votes in support of Trump administration using several methods.

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