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Trove of images of unreleased Google Pixel 4 XL released online

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are incoming early next month although the date of release is a bit dim. We have seen a trove of leaks on account of both the devices in fourth-gen Pixel devices but getting more is never bad. A phone store which goes by the name D Store Mobile has sent a trove of images of Google Pixel 4 XL showing an unreleased white variant in a new light although the store has not mentioned the source of getting this unit in hand.

Although there’s not much to know about the newly leaked photos but it tends to clear a few things here and there for the upcoming October release. The images show the unreleased white-colored Pixel 4 XL in its full glory with a triple squaricle camera setup with a single tone glass back as opposed to the dual-tone glass back used in previous iterations of Pixel devices.

Apart from that, the images provide information on camera as well such as the primary 12.2MP sensor with an aperture of f/1.73 as opposed to f/1.8 used in Pixel 3. The RGGB sensor has a focal length of 4.38mm along with pixel size of 1.4micrometer. Apart from that, the newly teased Infinity focus mode can be seen in the camera specs which is an add-on over near and far focus modes used in previous Pixel devices and gives the latest Pixel 4 XL astrophotography prowess without any doubt.

The new UI can be spotted with Android 10 in play as it was released on September 3rd with the newly revamped gesture-based navigation system. The device has a resolution of 3040×1440 as seen in the specs sheet along with 6GB LPDDR4X RAM from Micron and UFS flash file storage system probably the latest 3.0 version which we saw earlier in Samsung Galaxy S10 as well.

The device has Snapdragon 855 onboard with eight cores with a max frequency of 2.84GHz paired along with Adreno 640 GPU, 2 MiB Cache L3, and other specifications can be seen as well. The device is expected to make an entry early next month, so we will have to wait to know more about it.

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