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Apple Music finally gets a web interface

Apple has finally launched a web player for its streaming service, Apple Music. Good news is that the new player is compatible not just with Apple’s Safari, but with a wide range of browsers.

It’s quite surprising that Apple has unveiled this web player now, rather than at the September 10 iPhone launch in Cupertino. By signing in with their Apple ID, Apple Music subscribers can use the web version at This move will expand the ways users can access the content thus making the service more competitive with alternatives like Spotify and Pandora. The interface is designed to be compatible with Mac, PC, Chrome OS and Linux, iOS and Android on mobile, and all major web browsers. Apple’s web UI supports both light and dark modes. All features are there aside from offline support for obvious reasons.

“Apple Music for the Web is part of our wider overall strategy to bring Apple Music everywhere our customers are listening to music,” an Apple spokesperson told in a statement.

Users can access all of Apple’s 20-million-plus songs through the web interface, “all ad-free,” as well as the contents of whatever personal tracks they’ve sent to Apple’s servers. The web interface offers to explore the standard elements such as the ‘Browse’, ‘Radio’ and ‘For You’ sections, with the music playback interface appearing near the top of the browser window. Just like in the app, you can search for songs, play online radio stations, and check out new releases in the Browse section. You get access to recommended content, Apple Music Radio, one’s library with albums and other content. 

‘Users will have access to their entire music library, whether they downloaded the songs, purchased them or ripped them from a CD, ‘ Apple said in a release after rolling out the new software. We should note that if you don’t have a subscription, and still try to sign in with your Apple ID, it will not log you in. Apple began to retire the iconic iTunes app earlier this year since its main focus for music lovers has been on Apple Music. This easily encourages users to get a new iPhone as Apple tries to get you hooked on its services.

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