All about new Apple iPhone SE 2020

The all-new iPhone SE 2020 has got a classic design, and it defines a style as well. It is seen that these iPhones have got many excellent features and good built quality as well.  If you take a look at the design, body, and its camera, then it is far better than its predecessors.

When you take a look at the new iPhone SE 2020, then the processor present it is too advanced. Yes, Apple has used the A13 bionic processor in it, which are being used in the latest iPhone models.  With that all, it helps in improving the camera as well as battery life. The new processor does not help the phone to run faster rather, and it make the phone a better one within a budget.

If you take a look at the camera of the SE, then it comes with a single-lens rear camera. You will not get any Face ID or other camera features like Night mode, Deep fusion processing, and other things.  If you take the selfie camera, then it is also ok type.

So, if you are thinking of getting a budget iPhone, then you need to sacrifice something, and in this case, you need to sacrifice camera quality.

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