COVID-19: Google and Apple join hands to develop a tracking system

As the world is now battling with a dangerous Pandemic and humanity is at high risk, now technology is getting ready to save humanity once again. In the recent announcement, last week, both technology giants Apple and Google have joined hands to fight with COVID-19.

On April 10th 2020, both the giants have announced that they are now developing a contact-tracing system. The system will help in fight with the spread of the deadly virus. COVID-19 can spread within the community in a short time and to prevent it, the giants are now bringing the technology.

How will it help?

The all-new contact-tracking technology will run with the public health apps. This app  will be coming to the users in two stages from companies.  In the very first stage, you will get the application interfaces. Furthermore, it can help you in going for the interoperability between two different OS.

In the second stage, you will find the information about the release of “ BROADER” BT-based tracking system. The application will run both on iOS and Android. In a joint statement, the companies state that, in this hour of need, they hope to save humanity and to defeat the virus with technology. 

Till now, there is no date of release about the application for the users.

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