Google hopes its Android TV, Wear OS and Play store will help to fight the Pandemic

If you are at home due to Pandemic, then it is a common thing that you search for different things to do at home. In that case, you may go for watching series, exercise and other activities to pass the time and kill boredom. So, for all that, Google hopes that its different apps and services will help you all in it.

Android TV is one of the latest version of TV, and it comes with many apps in it. You can go and select any app starting from a fitness app to streaming services and can enjoy the same.   In the Android TV store, you will find some useful apps which help you in the workout for you as well.

Apart from that all, you can go for YouTube as well as it provides you with the best videos of different genres for free. If you are looking to stay healthy, then you all can go for the various apps under the Workout and Wellness program.

When you are going for them,

them then you can find that these apps are considered to be best in here. On downloading the app and accessing the content in the, you will get the best result in the lockdown period.

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