Logitech brings its new Trackpad Keyboard cases for iPad and iPad Air

Apple has unveiled its all-new iPad Pro models for the users a few months back event. The all-new iPad Pro comes with the all-new Magic Keyboard with the integrated Trackpad.  These iPad Pro are on sale now, and they are getting loved by users as well. The iPad is designed with the all-new 7th generation processor for the 10.2 inch iPad. Moreover, iPad Air comes with a 10.5-inch screen.

To protect the delicate Keyboard with Trackpad from getting damage, Logitech comes with the new cases. The company has released the all-new Combo Touch Keyboard Case that comes with the Trackpad for the iPad and iPad Air.  If you want to get these cases, then you all can get it quickly from the Apple Store. The cost of the case is $149.95 for both models.

If you take a look at the keyboard case, then it comes with the backlit keyboard for the users. It, too, got features like multi-touch gesture, scrolling, and act as a Magic keyboard.  The main aim of the case is to protect the iPad. Apart from that all, it too can be used for viewing, reading, sketching, and typing as well.

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