European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association claims that the EU needs 1m electric vehicle charging stations by 2024

In an interview with Brussels, The European Union needs to install at least one million new vehicle charging stations by 2024. This statement follows the European Union’s current need to move people to switch to Electric vehicles. The organization explained the need for these stations to reach the compulsory target to deal with the current climate crisis. In the same statement, the organization representatives claimed that the EU should have at least 3 million charging stations by 2029.

The president of ACEA and CEO of German carmaker BMW, Oliver Zipse, advised the EU Commission to take action fast. EU Commission should start by binding target with the growth of charging infrastructure. He claimed that even the current reduction in fighting climate change is facing different risks.

These high demands on electric charging stations come with the high rate of European sales of electric vehicles. From the reliable sources, it is clear that the demand for electric vehicles in 2020 was higher in comparison to combustion engine cars. This grand change took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The different governments have brought about EV subsidies as recovery programs from the pandemic. In addition to that, different car manufacturers are moving to electric vehicles to meet the EU emission rules. In 2020, Norway became the first country worldwide where the sales of electric vehicles surpassed those of standard vehicles. The sales rose from 42.4% to 54.3% from 2019. However, when it comes to the development of public vehicle charging stations, the rate is slow. And this fact is ought to bring difficulties in the future.

Critics claim that the charging station settings are overly complicated, and a lot of people often have a hard time. The letter from ACEA urged the EU to create the same standard. Therefore, as the sales for electric vehicles rise, then the charging stations should roll-out. In a recent proposal, Germany’s government wants to push the development of 1000 charging stations by 2023. It is working under a budget of $2.4 billion.

From the recent talks regarding Electric vehicles’ great evolution in the coming years, it is clear that one of the basic needs includes charging stations. And the ACEA is right to remark on the same issues. It is a cry to the EU commission not to forget the role they need to play in the grand phase-out of Electric vehicles. How long it will take for the world to move to the electric world business entirely is something only time will tell. And the measures that will come with the move are still a mystery that many hope to uncover with time.