Zuckerberg Buries His Traditional Brand To Bet On The Metaverse

Facebook has announced this Thursday at its annual conference the future it plans for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and much of it has to do with the construction of what the company calls ‘metaverse’, Mark Zuckerberg’s next great revolution .

The metaverse is the new virtual platform that Facebook wants to design “instead of looking at a screen, to be inside.” Zuckerberg has said this is his next big push, but it comes when the company is under intense scrutiny over how it is managing the impact of its existing services.

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“We are talking about a corporeal Internet : instead of looking at a screen, we will be ‘inside’. It will be more natural and vivid: screens cannot connect the entire human experience, they cannot provide the idea of ​​presence. With this new technology it will be possible : that’s what the metaverse is all about ”, explained Mark Zuckerberg about the Facebook metaverse.

There will also be avatars to represent us in the metaverse . “Instead of static images we are going to live with representative images of ourselves. It will be much richer than the experiences we have today ”, Zuckerberg has expanded, commenting that“ if you are in the metaverse every day, you will need clothes and digital tools, and different experiences ”.

The origin of the idea took place in the gaming field.
In the metaverse there will also be a great variety of video games. “Games are the place where a large number of people will experience the Metaverse for the first time,” said Zuckerberg.

As the rumors suggested, Facebook this Thursday also announced the name change: the company will be renamed META and the objective as we see is to expand beyond the business of social networks.

As Google did with Alphabet in 2015, Facebook Inc. changes its name to try to reflect its new bet and introduces an infinity symbol as a representation of Meta .

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The CEO has also introduced several new products during the eighth edition of Connect. On the one hand, Horizon Home, to make the Oculus Quest home screen more social, allowing friends to meet, watch videos together and immerse themselves in games and applications in the same space. The apps include productivity titles like Slack and Dropbox, as well as Facebook’s own services, including Instagram. Messenger also evolves and we will find ourselves ‘calling in virtual reality’.

We will also have Horizon Marketplace : the company plans to operate its own market where creators and developers can sell their own virtual goods.

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On the augmented reality front , Facebook is adding hand and body tracking to its Spark AR development tools, as well as Polar, a new app that lets people create augmented reality filters without coding.

Facebook is pouring billions into its push for the metaverse . In fact, the company has reported that investments in its virtual reality and augmented reality efforts will affect operating profit by $ 10 billion this year.

The metaverse, the Facebook CEO has said , is not just about AR and VR, recognizing that people will access the virtual world using a range of new devices, including headsets and glasses, alongside existing PCs and smartphones.

Facebook currently has 3,000 million active users , who in this way would be interconnected in a kind of new multimedia universe.

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