Angelina Jolie Wins Another Small Court Battle Against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has had one of lime and another of sand this week. To begin with, his landing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not had the expected reception and Eternals has meant a small critical misstep in superhero cinema ; but on the other hand she has achieved another small judicial victory against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt .

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The actor of Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood or Ad Astra has suffered a defeat in the conflict he has with the 46-year-old interpreter for the custody of his children. Pitt recently filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court to overturn the dismissal of Judge John Ouderkirk , who was removed from the case due to conflict of interest because he had dealings with one of the actor’s lawyers.

However, the order signed by this judicial and private intermediary, which responded to the Oscar winner’s requests about visitation calendars and other dynamics for his children who were known as Brangelina, was invalidated, something that disfavored Pitt’s requests .

The superior court of the West Coast state has dismissed this appeal and Jolie scores the same in the judicial battle, since she will no longer have to deal with the magistrate, whose resolution clearly benefited the actor. In fact, he was accused of managing the process in a partial and interested way – not allowing, among other things, that three of the couple’s children testify.

When Angelina’s legal team aired the existing links between Ouderkirk and part of Pitt’s representatives, a storm was unleashed that has ended with this appeal not considered by the court, which is why the actress’s main lawyer appeared happily before the media, celebrating the results of the process, which has been going on for more than a year and due to this measure has no prospect of ending in the near future.

“My client is delighted that the well-being of her children is not going to be affected by certain unethical behaviors. Her highest priority has always been to ensure the interests of her children and she is very satisfied that the judicial system does not tolerate tendentious behavior and that they benefit only one of the parties, “commented Robert Olson in statements collected from the USA Today newspaper .

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