Banco Santander Launch 1000 Scholarships For Online Training In Digital Skills

Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, has launched a new scholarship program in collaboration with Immune Technology Institute, the objective of which is to contribute to improving the employability of those who need to enter the labor market or those who want to improve their professional training with new skills related to basic Data Science technologies.

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2020 shows that Spain is still below the European average in terms of people’s digital skills and, although its score is improving, almost half of the Spanish population still lacks skills basic digital services and 8% have never used the internet.

Added to this is the gender gap that continues to exist in this field; there is a higher proportion of women with low and basic digital skills than men in general terms in almost all age groups both in Spain and at the European level, according to the report on Gender Indicators in Digital Society 2021 prepared by the National Observatory of Technology and Society. What’s more,

In this context and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda, the 1,000 beneficiaries of the ‘Santander Technology Scholarships | Digital Experience Immune ‘will have the opportunity to receive training to improve their digital skills and learn about topics and tools related to Data Science.

The program will consist of conducting 15-hour online training , which students will be able to do over nine weeks, designed by Universia España and Immune Technology Institute.

The training consists of six modules that will deal with the relationship between Data Science and other areas or its impact on digital transformation, through programming, data visualization or decision-making, with special emphasis also on the general competencies that it must have. the technology professional, job positions associated with Data Science or the training and development plans to be a Data Scientist, among other topics.

“At Banco Santander we want to value once again the importance of continuous training and of betting on professional recycling and additional training in new digital skills to boost the employability of young people and of all those who want to progress in their professional career , and we believe that the best way to do it is in the hands of leading and experienced companies such as Immune Technology Institute in this case “, highlighted Susana García Espinel, director of Santander Universities and Universia España.

Students and professionals residing in Spain or any interested party over 18 years of age, who can process their application through this link, may participate in the program .

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