Neighbors Reported To The Police That Person Is Arrested For Death Of 9-Year-Old Boy

A middle-aged man was arrested this Thursday night in Lardero (La Rioja) as the alleged perpetrator of the death of a 9-year-old boy. The child was found lifeless this Thursday night after several witnesses claimed that they had seen how a man took the deceived minor from a nearby park where he was playing with other minors, detailed the Government Delegation in La Rioja.

The man was arrested after being located next to the minor, who was found by a Civil Guard patrol in a very serious and unconscious condition, after which he died.

After knowing the event, there were moments of tension, especially when the Civil Guard and the Local Police prepared the operation to remove the detainee from the garage of the house, where about 200 people were concentrated . For several minutes, the concentrates rebuked the agents, who they reproached for protecting the detainee, and asked to be allowed in to “lynch” him.

You called us crazy and only two of you came and now a child has had to die so that you all come to protect the murderer ”
Several of these neighbors assured the agents that they had already warned that the detainee had tried on other occasions to take children from the area. “You called us crazy and only two of you came and now a child has had to die so that you all come to protect the murderer,” snapped a neighbor to the agents.

In fact, on October 25, 2021, it was reported to the Civil Guard at the Villamediana de Iregua Post that at the Villa Patro de Lardero School a boy invited a girl to go play with his daughter , to which he did not agreed. However, the data provided in the complaint did not allow the author to be identified or linked to the person arrested this Thursday and no other similar facts are recorded.

This individual, identified as Francisco Javier Almeida López de Castro , had been released from prison in April 2020 after being sentenced to 30 years for the murder and sexual assault of a real estate agent in Logroño on August 17, 1998, to which he attacked 17 stab wounds, one of them to the heart that was fatal. This is the so-called ‘crime of real estate’.

In addition, the 54-year-old man had another seven-year sentence for a sexual assault in 1993. He was currently free after serving his sentences.

112 tried to revive the minor
In a note, the Delegation added that, at 8:25 p.m. this Thursday, a call was received on the SOS Rioja 112 that warned of the disappearance of a minor in Lardero, a municipality in the metropolitan area of ​​Logroño, about 5 kilometers away. from the Riojan capital and with more than 11,000 inhabitants.

A few minutes later, a Civil Guard patrol gave notice to call an ambulance when they found the minor in a very serious condition and unconscious with a male.

Once the ambulance arrived at the scene, an attempt was made to resuscitate the minor, but it was unsuccessful and the minor died.

Neighbors of the area have indicated to Efe that the child was found inside the portal of number 7 of Río Linares de Lardero street , where the detainee lives.

They added that the victim was playing with other children in a park located next to the Villa Patro school, from where a man took him.

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