Alberto Rodríguez Asks To Return To His Old Job A Week

The former deputy of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez has requested the reinstatement of his former job as an industrial worker in the Canary Islands after leaving politics, because it seems to him “healthy, coherent and honest to do so.”

On his Twitter account, he has published a letter in which he says goodbye to his fellow party members and says that he is returning to his old profession because he has never conceived ” political representation as a way of remaining individually at all costs.”

“I return to my job, to my profession, to earn my bread and continue to increase life experiences and struggles together with my factory colleagues whom I have missed so much,” Rodríguez began his letter.

He has been “proud” of the work done in his party for “almost six years” together with social groups and has apologized to the people who could not attend, as well as for “the issues that were pending and the unfinished struggles.”

In addition, the former deputy of Podemos has assured that he is not going to “spare any effort” and that he will use “all the legal resources” at his disposal because before him “there have been other cases and sadly everything indicates that there are many to come, if not we stop this authoritarian drift of those who want to return us to the past of fear, terror and muzzled silence “.

The disqualification of Rodríguez, after being convicted by the Supreme Court of an attack on an agent of the authority, caused Podemos to request the resignation of the president of Congress , Meritxell Batet, amid harsh criticism that generated tension in the Government of coalition.

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