The Moments ‘Earth Swallow Me’ Of Lidia Torrent And Matías Roure In ‘First Dates’

The First Dates program has witnessed the spark arisen between two single couples who came this week to dinner at the restaurant, and how that great moment has been clouded by the interruption of Lidia Torrent and Matías Roure , who have starred in two uncomfortable situations.

In the case of Lidia Torrent, the couple formed by Ulises and Carla were enjoying the date in the booth, where they were playing love’s bullseye. “There was chemistry,” Ulises has subsequently recognized on camera.

The situation became more interesting when Ulysses threw the dart and it was his turn to “kiss as if there were no tomorrow . ” However, when both were about to kiss, Lidia Torrent entered the room to interrupt the two singles.

“Couple, I know you’re having a great time, but I’m coming for you now,” he told them. The decision did not sit well with Ulises, who replied: ” You have cut us just at the moment when we had to kiss as if there were no tomorrow.”

” Really? I’m leaving for a minute, ” Torrent reacted before leaving the place and leaving the two young men alone again. Finally, they both picked up where they had left off, kissed and ended dinner by asking for a second date.

Matías Roure, for his part, was an uncomfortable witness to a torrid conversation between Nicole and Víctor that made him run away.

When talking about what turned him on about women, Victor referred to his hands, but also his feet, something that surprised his date, Nicole. “Do my feet turn you on more than my breasts?” He said just as the waiter approached the table.

Matías’s facial expression implied that he had heard the question perfectly, and preferred to turn around to give the couple their space.

” You’ve entered a bit of a weird moment ,” Nicole joked at the waiter’s reaction.

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