Project has shown signs of exhaustion last year

Project has shown signs of exhaustion since the last third of last year. Without the sober Diego Carlos, the key to the forward defense of other years, Sevilla has taken a step backwards. Monchi will use the first five days to make a decisive decision. In the technical secretariat, names like Marcelino and Pochettino fly over. There is a widespread fear of being left out of the Champions League, the basis of the main contracts of the squad.

Real society. The objective of the club is to enter the Europa League. The change of Brais for Januzaj has not changed either the form or the content of one of the most interesting adventures that Spanish football has offered in the last decade. The Sheriff’s cycle that seemed closed in winter, came to life in spring and now the team projects good feelings for game and rhythm. It has kept important soccer players like Merino, Isak and Zubimendi. Mature and experts in the development of the 4-3-3, they are a guarantee of a good game.

Betis. He won in conviction and competitiveness, and was reinforced by Luiz Felipe. The center-back signed to Lazio gives him defensive solvency. In attack they continue to grow thanks to Borja Iglesias and, above all, the advance of Nabil Fekir. The Frenchman demonstrates the rigor and class of top-level players.

Valencia. Against the prejudices aroused by his image and his past, Genaro Gattuso is the most refined in Mestalla. The squad is deficient but the coach has decided to put the team in the top seven based on dynamic football in defense and attack, aggressive without kicking, and always brave. With no other tournament than the League, with the push of the fans and the intelligence of Gattuso to keep the troops enthusiastic, for lack of money, Valencia clings to the intangibles.

Celtic. Shows signs of growth. The indefatigable Coudet, his coach, knows how to order pressure and circulation, all amalgamated by the sense of Iago Aspas. No player in the league, neither Benzema nor Lewandowski, could generate the performance that Aspas produces at Celta.

Athletic. Marcelino’s life-giving drive confirmed, the team now finds itself at a crossroads. Nobody knows where Ernesto Valverde will shoot, who returns to work after being fired from the Camp Nou. Pay attention to Álex Berenguer, a player who lives up to his excellent reputation in calcium .

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