The Manchester City franchise is back in the elite

There where the atmosphere is more rarefied, in the third of the table of schools restricted by logistical, economic and technical constraints, professionals are condemned to tension or anguish. With no middle ground, remaining in the First Division is not a matter of skill but of spirit. In the most overcrowded area of ​​the League, cohesion, determination and enthusiasm will rule.

Ray and Elche No one starts the League with more risk of relegation than Rayo and Elche, two teams that have just saved the category by giving football recitals without their figures —Pere Milla, Boyé, Fidel, Isi or Fran García— having obtained the prize of a transfer to a club with higher aspirations. This is often unsettling, with dire consequences on the margins that require maximum devotion.

No squad experienced a more stressful end to the season in the last league than the groups that make up these two marginal teams. Terrified at the idea of ​​going back to suffer the torment most feared by football professionals, Mallorca and Cádiz start mentally very plugged in. They are led by Javier Aguirre and Sergio González, two expert coaches in living, and surviving, dangerously.

Gray game team par excellence, has completed what is probably the worst preseason in European football. Reason for fright and encouragement for an ultra-competitive squad, well reformed with Luis Milla, and that approaches the championship spurred on by the idea of ​​joining together to avoid final anguish.

The owner the Saudi Turki al-Sheikh, bought the club to place it in the Champions League. The man has 1,000 million liquidity to invest. But the financial fair play of the League constrains it to smallness.

In the potential-performance ratio, it is the most solvent team in the lowest third of the table. Jagoba Arrasate hasn’t just built a bone. Give a show

Spanish. The most exciting thing about Espanyol is offered by its coach, Diego Martínez, who returns to the League giving war: everyone on the attack. The first thing he did is tell Raúl de Tomás, the star, that if he doesn’t press, to leave.

Gerona. The Manchester City franchise is back in the elite of Spanish football with Miguel Ángel Sánchez Muñoz, Michel , in his second foray into the First Division after failing at Huesca, and Taty Castellanos, New York City’s top scorer, as a great novelty.

Valladolid. Ronaldo Nazario’s club returns to Primera with a prodigy of emotional intelligence on the bench. His name is José Rojo Martín, Pacheta , and he is capable of turning lead into gold. He will need magic from him to maintain the category.

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